it all began on a small farm in the middle of Värmland, Sweden. Growing up, me and my brother shared a love for video games and he used to help me make wooden swords for me to play with. When i was 8 years old The Lord of the Rings conquered the world, which fueled my love for swords and fantasy.  My mother once told me that as i boy i had walked past a blacksmith during a medieval market and apparently i said ‘Thats what i wanna do when i grow up’, and when i was 24 years old i took up the hammer for the first time.


I made my first forge out of an old barbecue and a hairdryer. I started out trying to make a sword, however it came out terrible, so i decided to make a another one. After a little less than two years in the craft i started making bearded vikingaxes which really suited my style of forging. Since then axes has been my primary focus and i have developed a few models based/inspired on the styles and traditions of my homecountry.

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